Click on a picture to see a bigger picture and not a squished up picture.
We squished 'em to make 'em line up better...

Dinner! I gotten meat and shrimp!
Max and I shared it.

I'm eatin' my meat and shrimp!
It was really good!

I got presents!
FOUR of them!

Looky! I wanted to catch it.
It as awful bouncy, though!

I catched it!
Tastes like chicken.

Max saw and he wanted to play, too
I wanted him to, too!

I jumped for it!
My claws were out to grab it!

Then Max jumped!
He was on the couch and he jumped!

Max started to jump REALLY high! I just watched him.

He was lookin' at me.
I was by the Dad and his flashy thing

And then he jumped again!
He catched it!

We're looking at another toy.
It had kitty crack in it!

The flying thingy was too fun
So we went back to it

It's up really high and we wanted it lower

I'm kinda tired now, and thinking about going upstairs for a nap

But there are THINGS coming from the stairs!

I gotted upstairs, and took a nap.
I had a REALLY good birthday!