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My bed! Mine!

Yo. Chasing that ball is hard work!

My toy?

Go. Away. Now

Awesome burp. I salute you.

To be safe, they started out behind barriers

Max: What the heck are you?
Buddah: A tenth your size, apparently.

I'd spit at you, but the People would get pissed...

Are you edible, little one?

Buddah: Yo, I get down wid my bad self!
Max: They dropped you on your head, didn't they?

Come back! Come back!

Don't hate me because I'm so gosh darned cute...

Whoa...I'm not sure what that is, but I'd like to bit it a few times...

Ok. Just a few more pictures. Because I like you.

These look mighty tasty...

Can I have one?

Wow...that other kitty is PRETTY!

Looky! The Big Kitty hugged me!

I'm brave! I went inside all by myself!

I am King of the Climbing Thingy!

I'm sleepy. Stop taking pictures, ok?

Really. I'm sleepy!

Yippee! I'm gonna get me one!

Look Mom! No fighting!

Sinks is fun...