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The Charybdis NovelsDo you have a Kindle?

The first three books of the Charybdis Novel series--Charybdis, As Simple As That, and Finding Father Rabbit--are available in a single edition for Amazon's Kindle ereader, for the low price of $3.99.

This edition is not yet available in print format.

The Charybids Novel on Kindle

the king and queen of perfect normalHair is falling out in places Chip Davis never expected. There's a microscopic layer of fat covering his six-pack. His wife is peaking while he's on the downslide, his kids want to create their own family compound, and his oldest son heads off to We Don't Know Where; fifty is looming on the horizon, and Chip resists it with as much force as a man who has to get up five times a night can...until he realizes that what he fears most isn't middle age, but the medical merry go round he suddenly finds himself riding.

The King and Queen of Perfect Normal is the fourth book in K.A. Thompson's Charybdis series.

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The King and Queen of Perfect Normal ISBN 9781932461176 $15.96

CharybdisHis life littered with the women he’s used – a dead hooker he planned on marrying  and a stepfather he hates with a passion, Chip Davis is ready to move on. The Woman has found her way into his life, and he intends to run with her at full speed towards happiness. Nothing can stop him – not a dead friend, a missing brother, or a father with employment that leaves Chip cold – nothing except for the truth.~ From the back cover

Charybdis is the first book in K.A. Thompson's Charybdis series.

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Charybdis ISBN 1932461019 $14.95

as simple as thatThey were supposed to ride off into the sunset and live out the cliché of happily ever after. They were supposed to have two-point-five kids, buy a minivan, carve out a slice of suburbia, and stay healthy and young and beautiful forever. They weren’t supposed to make mistakes, have tempers or fights or bad days. They weren’t supposed to split up. But with 18 years of marriage, 4 kids, a cat, and The Issue between them, Chip and Terry Davis aren’t quite sure of what to do when the distance seems too far to cross – or what to do when it is crossed for them. ~From the back cover

As Simple As That is the second book in K.A. Thompson's Charybdis series.

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As Simple As That ISBN 1932461027 $14.95

finding father rabbitReturning home after three years in a seminary, Kevin Davis holds tight to the reason why he refuses to go back. No one can pry the truth from him, not his parents, his brother, or his twin sister. But when an old love stumbles back into his life, he gradually begins to share, and struggles with the direction he wants his life to go, a pen pal who wants to be much more than friends, and an unfortunate streak with fire. Finding Father Rabbit follows the entire Davis family over two years, from Kevin's return home, to the explosion of his secret revealed. ~ From the back cover

Finding Father Rabbit is the third book in K.A. Thompson's Charybdis series.

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Finding Father Rabbit ISBN 1932461043 $15.95

it's not about the cookiesThere's a long dead brother Sam can see and with whom she shares long conversations. A mother she blames for just about
everything. Two sisters who carry their own assortment of baggage. There's a friend who survived through junior high with Sam and who understands why she hasn't been home in fifteen years, and a husband who thinks she should go.

Samantha Stark has a ready made list of excuses to not go back, but even though they top the list, she knows...it's not about the cookies.

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It's Not About The Cookies ISBN 9781932461152 $14.95

the psychokitty speaks out: diary of a mad housecatHe's 14 pounds of sleek black and white glory. With an attitude ... and opinions ... on everything.

The PsychoKitty Speaks Out is the diary of Max, a put-upon and under appreciated domestic feline with both a disdain and a fondness for Sticky Little People, an addiction to Kitty Crack, and an appetite for Stinky Goodness. Having survived The Move from Ohio, he now lives with his Staff in an apartment in California. ~ From the back cover

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The PsychoKitty Speaks Out ISBN 1932461078 $15.95

the psychokitty speaks out: somthing of yours will meet a toothy deathLook. I'm funny. You like me. And if you buy my book, I earn cash towards fresh cat nip and crunchy treats. It's as simple as that... But if you need more: This is the diary of Max Thompson, blogger extraordinaire. Thousands of people (maybe hundreds) flock to his blog every day to be amused an enlightened by his feline wisdom. Plus, it's the follow up to "The Psychokitty Speaks Out: Diary of a Mad Housecat" so you know it's good. Some people even thought it was FUNNIER. But you don't have to read that one first. Oh, and I have a potty mouth. So you're warned.

(not currently in distribution...but you can get a Cafepress copy here. ) Also available for the Amazon Kindle

The PsychoKitty Speaks Out 2 ISBN 1932461124

The RulesComplete with paw-drawn illustrations, Max spells out the rules in plain English, touching on everything from feeding to toys to sleep...even the dreaded trip to the Stabby Place.

Max Thompson, known far and wide as "The Psychokitty" is an expert on All Things Kitty and has finally decided to share the wisdom of his years of dealing with People, and his in-depth discussions with kitties online.

This is his gift to you, the People who are willingly owned by cats.

A gift that will cost you less than $15.

Because that's how generous he is.

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