The things you want
Your way or no way
Cannot always be
Simply because
The world is much bigger
Than any of us are small
There's black
And there's white
And slippery shades of gray
Forgetting the Kodachrome
Points of light
Straight lines that curve
Connecting them all
It's a coin
A quarter or a dime
Two sides, sometimes shiny
Sometimes dull
Both important
Not one more than the other
It's eyes wide shut
Tunnel vision
And panaoramic view
Splashes of red
Like blood, dripping
Sacramental water
Instead of wine
Thumb sized pieces of bread
Instead of the Host
Pieces of ourselves
Trying to reach out
Shout where no one can hear
With bass thumping speakers
Shaking the road
The people beside us
All just specks of dust
On the lens of life
Fragile, easily blown away
One touching the other
Even with distance
Not seeing the other side
Coin shiny, bright, dull
Technicolor black and white
In a world
So much bigger than you
Or me.

copyright 1976, 2005 K.A. Thompson