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Yes, you've discovered the really lame website of writer K.A. Thompson.

There's not much in the way of content; just a few odd links and some expected pimping of my work. I've written a few would help if people knew about them, eh?

Are you an old friend trying to figure out if I'm the person you're looking for? In my previous life I was Karen Whisler. If you went to Casa Roble HS (class of '79!) with me, or before that Duncanville HS (only my freshman year... '75-'76), drop me a line! If I don't remember you, I'll fake it!

Ok, go take a peek at my books, and while you're at it, buy them. They're very good. Really. My mother said so.

Things you don't know about me, and probably don't care about anyway

This is the obligatory "About The Author;" every writer needs an autobiography on their website, right? But, of course, you could always go read my blog if you were really interested in me. Trust me, you want to visit my blog again and again.

Little Details

I'm married and have been for over 28 years. And to the same person. I often refer to my other half as The Spouse Thingy, but I swear, it's a term of endearment. We met in high school our senior year--he was dating a very good friend o'mine--but we didn't start dating until a year or so later. For the terminally curious, it's fellow Casa Roble classmate Mike Thompson. We have an adult son, Curt; keep your eyes peeled on the movies and TV; he trained to become an actor, so that he can become rich and famous and keep me in the style to which I had always hoped to become accustomed. Parental pride aside, he's should see him do Shakespear. He makes for a wicked Mercutio.

I had a brain tumor in 2002, but thanks to the miracles of modern medicine and a nifty neurosurgeon at UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento (Dr. Joseph Watson -- dude, you rock!) it's gone. The tumor was, however, proof that I have a brain.

I bowl. I'm not terribly great at it--I average about 160--but I have fun.

I like golfing. And I totally suck at it. I mean, suck so bad that there is no handicap high enough to describe my suckitude. The closest description would be that I suck so bad, when I play, the moon is at risk of being pulled out of orbit.

I love motorcycles; my current ride is a Suzuki Gladius...if you see me on the backroads, wave. It gives me a weird little thrill.

My cat blogs. No, really. He does. The other cat blogs, too.

Hell, the cats have a bigger fan base than I do...

The Spouse Thingy retired from the US Air Force in 2004; 20 years was enough, thank you very much. He sent a great part of that time passing gas for the military, and currently does the same thing at UCD Medical Center in Sacramento. Like most military families, we moved roughly every 3 years, and went to some pretty nice places (all stateside; he went to Saudi Arabia once but the Boy and I stayed in CA.)

Places We've Been

San Antonio, Texas- loved the Riverwalk, the diversity, Fiesta Texas, Sea World, and Taco Cabana! Best fajitas in the world. Y'all can keep the truck sized mosquitos and humidity, though. While in San Antonio I trained in TaeKwonDo with Master Tony Lopez; if you're in the area and want an awesome instructor, check him out (he probably won't remember me, it's been over 10 years since I was last there); unless he's moved, his dojang is on Mainland Ave (or Street, not sure which.)

Belleville, Illinois - Nice, quiet little town surrounded by nothing but cornfields, but so close to St. Louis, MO with all its attractions that it was a fantastic place to live. There's a really good community college there; when I was there it was Belleville Area College, but has since changed its name to (I think) Southwest Illinois College. Just don't quote me on that.

If you have kids, just over into St Louis there's a really good Science Museum, incredible zoo, first class art museum, huge park, and of course, The Arch!

Grand Forks, North Dakota - Incredible, wonderful people, and the toughest community I've ever seen. The Blizzard of 1997 followed just a couple of weeks later by the Flood was an incredible lesson in how well people can work together to rebuild when it seems like nothing is left. And when we flipped our truck over on Highway 2 after an ice storm, we lost count of how many people stopped to help. I don't miss the 6 foot snow drifts across my driveway, but I miss Grand Forks!

Sacramento/Orangevale/Travis AFB, CA - for us, this is home... whatever interests you, you're close to it in Northern CA. And no blizzards! To the east there's Lake Tahoe and Reno--skiing and gambling and all kinds of outdoor sports. To the west there's the beach. Travis AFB is pretty much right in between Sacramento and San Francisco, with lots to do in either place. And Disneyland is less than a days' drive away. (Trivia: we went to high school in Orangevale, a 'burb of Sacramento. Casa Roble, class of 1979. Yes, we're old.)

Dayton - Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio - We were there for a little over two years and had a terrific time (thanks mostly to the Truly Evil people who populated the street on which we lived.) Fall colors are incredible, and winter isn't bad at all (well, the comparison is North Dakota... I no longer like snow, but there wasn't nearly as much there as ND seems to get in a single month.) We checked out the Dayton Art Institute, and it was very nice, an eclectic mix of modern and classical art. Wright Patterson AFB is home to the USAF Museum, and dang--! You need a couple of days to see it all. About 35 minutes south of us are a couple of kick ass flea markets (I'm addicted) and the base itself has some nice fishing lakes.

Thanks to Uncle Sam and the U.S. Taxpayers for our almost 20 year tour of the United States. It was a wonderful ride and I wouldn't trade that time for anything (ok, maybe for a Lexus convertible and a huge chunk of cash...)

Aside from all the moving around, I've spent the last 20+ years as a freelance writer and launched a martial arts ezine, Martial Artists Wired in 1993; a couple of years ago, however, it seemed to have stagnated and drew its final breath. But it was a blast while it lasted!

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